LAB HOS is a company devoted to the design, for clinical testing and healthcare for labs and hospitals. We’re able to satisfy the exacting quality standards required by these industries thanks to the experience and expertise of our partner. We are working in

  1. Lab section: we declare the best quality materials and high tech instrument to labs and IVO manufacturers, for example all reagents and instruments being used in immunoassay based clinical tests in medical and veterinary fields.
  2. Hospital section: we provide the EU approved facilities being used in patient caring like parts used in making bed hospital, different types of hospital and lab washing machines. Moreover, in clinical diagnostic section, we present PC based audiometers.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop long term relationships with our producers. Our flexibility, from technical support to packaging and delivery, enables us to tailor products and services to precisely meet any needs. We partner with our customers to improve the quality of their diagnostics and research, and in turn, benefit healthcare.

Our vision

We seek to develop and deliver the very best lab and hospital products to manufacturers and researchers. We strive to do this in the best way to satisfy our producers and customers.

Business Manager & CEO

Jalal Matboo