Antibody Enhancer

Antibody Enhancer™ for the dilution, stabilization and binding capacity enhancement of concentrated antibodies and conjugated antibodies to maintain molecular conformation and prevent loss of activity over time.

Enables kit manufacturers to create pre-diluted ready-to-use conjugated antibodies.

  • Cost effective – save on production costs with further dilution of conjugates – less conjugate needed in the assay
  • Reduces background and provides highest Signal-To-Noise ratio due to antibody’s enhanced binding capacity
  • Amplifies 40-80% the specific antibody’s activity without increasing the non-specific binding
  • Enhancement is observed only at high dilution (at least 1:2000)
  • Allows for the diluted conjugate to be stored at least 4 years at 2-8°C

Minimizes assay errors related to daily dilution variation.


  • BSA free
  • Free of azide, mercury or other toxic preservative formulations
  • Ready-To-Use
  • Signal enhancing buffer


  • at least 4 years at 2-8°C
  • at least 2 years at room temperature
  • at least 10 weeks at 37°C

The Antibody Enhancer™ cannot be used for dilution of antibodies directed against rabbit immunoglobulins. In this case, we recommend the UNI-StabilPLUS™.

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