Put-through bedpan washer

Unique design and optimum hygiene conditions

KEN BWD 738 is a put-through machine with a unique design, which means that even with the door open it requires very little space.

KEN recommends the use of put-through machines where there is sufficient space. THis choice ensures an effective separation or an unclean and a clean side, which maximises the level of hygiene and reduces the risk of hospital infections. Despite only having a depth of 56 cm, the bedpan washer is particularly spacious, and the wide range of accessories enables many different combinations, which increases flexibility and user-friendliness.
The machine is available with either manual or automatic door operation on the unclean side.


  • Put-through machine ensures optimum hygiene conditions
  • Computerised control that always guarantees uniform washing and disinfection
  • Possibility of up to 5 programmes and pre-programming for start of most frequently used programmes
  • Process Indication Barindicates how far the programme has come
  • Programme info, fault reporting and other information shown in the display in plain language
  • Supplied with automatic or manual door operation on the unclean side
  • Built-in steam condenser minimises steam emissions and allows materials to be handled immediately after wash
  • With its high edges, the door can be used for emptying slops
  • The bedpan is emptied automatically when the door is closed
  • Possibility for SPRI-basket, 450 x 340 x 70 mm.
  • Possibility for storing detergents in the bottom technical compartment

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